Private Pilot Training Requirements

Physical Materials (buy these at any online store. There are MANY options, so shop around and see what you like. Don't be afraid to ask for our recommendations.)

                Ο  Logbook (we recommend: Pilot Logbook)

              Ο  Kneeboard (we recommend: Destination Departure Kneeboard)

                Ο  Plotter (we recommend: Rotating Plotter)

                Ο  E6B (we recommend: ASA Color E6B)

                Ο  Hood/fogles (we recommend: View Limiting Device)

                Ο  Flight Planning Forms

                Ο  FAR/AIM (we recommend a physical copy, but may use electronic)

                Ο  Current Charts 

Electronic Navigation Options (our recommendations)

                ForeFlight (yearly subscription)


                FlyQ (yearly subscription)


                Avare (Android - free)

Things you NEED to study (Minimum. See "Resources" for more websites you will need to reference.)



                Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

                Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

                Airplane Flying Handbook


Flight Plan Filing Options (our recommendations)

               1800WXBrief Flight Service (Free online account)


               FlyQ Pocket (Android App - free)


               ForeFlight (yearly subscription)

Things we RECOMMEND you Study

                ASA Knowledge Test Prep-Guide (can also be found on Amazon, Sporty’s, etc)


                ASA Oral Study Guide (can also be found on Amazon, Sporty’s, etc)