General Commercial Certificate Instructions

1. Gather Paperwork

To fill out IACRA you will need:

1. IACRA Login

2. Date of Last Flight Physical

3. Date of Pilot Training Graduation

2. Complete IACRA


Below you can find step by step instructions. 

3. Schedule Appointment:

4. Bring These Documents

1. Military ID

2. FTN Number (from IACRA)

3. IACRA Login & Password - written down

4. Official documentation of graduating from U.S Military Pilot Training

5. Proof of being a rated pilot

5. Proof of checkrides in all applicable aircraft

6. Knowledge Test Certificate

USAF NOTE! In order to get single engine credit you will need your Memorandum for FAA Flight Standards District  Office that you received from your UPT Sq/CC or DO, otherwise you will only get credit for aircraft identified on your Form 8s. A UPT Training Jacket is not recognized as an official source.   

IACRA Instructions