"I would recommend Deirdre Gurry for tailwheel training. I purchased a Vans RV6 and reached out to her for training and I could not be happier. She broke down each aspect of the different styles of landings during each phase and made it so easy to understand! Timely corrections and thorough debriefings. I intended on obtaining follow on training to continually sharpen my skills. Thank you again!"

- Kyle

"Deirdre Gurry was my flight instructor for my Private Pilots license, She was a great instructor and really pushed me to become a better pilot and I was able to complete my pilot's license and definitely have her to thank for that. I would recommend pilots looking to achieve ratings or license, as she was a great instructor and a very friendly person to fly with."

- Jason

"Deirdre is one of the most inspirational people I know. Professionalism, people oriented, attentive to detail and a sense of humor. That’s just scratching the surface!"

- Joe

"For those interested in unusual attitude recovery and/or aerobatic training in your RV, I would suggest you contact Deirdre Gurry, based at WDG, Woodring Airport in Enid, OK. I had a great experience yesterday with her training me in my RV-6. I learned a lot and I understand my airplane much better. She owns an RV-6 and is a very capable aerobatics instructor. Please don't try to train yourself to do aerobatics."

- Merl

  "Awesome service made the [Mil Comp] process super easy. "

- Brian