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Ground Instructor Initial Certifications

Have you completed the requisites to be issued your Ground Instructor certificate, but you just need to have the FSDO sign off on the paperwork? We can process it for you virtually!  

Fee: $40

Flight Instructor Renewals

Have you completed the requisites to have your Flight Instructor certificate renewed, but you just need to have the FSDO sign off on the paperwork? Well, we can process it for you over video conference!

Fee: $50

Military Comp

Commercial, Type ratings, Flight Instructor Cert, Flight Instructor Renewals

U.S. military pilots or former military pilots who meet the requirements can contact us to process their IACRA application virtually!

Our hours are flexible to meet your needs!

Fee: $70 first certificate ($50 for subsequent)

SOE Restrictions

We can remove your SOE restrictions after you have met the 25 hour requirement via video conferencing! Contact us after you have filled out your IACRA application and we can have you new certificate normally within 24 hours. 

Fee: $70

SIC Type Ratings

 SIC Type Ratings cannot be accomplished via video conferencing (61.55 specifically says "in-person") however, if you are near northern Oklahoma or Oklahoma City, we can schedule an in-person meeting to finish your application. For a sample training record and checklist: here. 

Fee: $70 (additional $60 to validate hours)

UAS Certificates

Are you already a commercial certificated pilot? Have you taken the FAAST UAS course online? We can process your IACRA application and you will have you UAS Pilot Certificate! 

More information here: 


Fee: $10

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