Military Competency FAA Certificates

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U.S. military pilots or former military pilots who meet the requirements may apply for:

(1) A commercial pilot certificate with the appropriate aircraft category and class rating.

(2) An instrument rating with the appropriate aircraft rating.

(3) A type rating.


Use this guide to help you through the process before contacting a Mil-Comp/DPE. 

Step By Step Instructions:

Recent UPT Graduates

Recent USAF Pilot Training graduates qualify:

Commercial Certificate

Single and Multi-engine Airplane Ratings 

Instrument Rating

BE-400 Type Rating (T-1 track)

Instructor Pilots

Current Military Instructor Pilots can apply for their FAA Flight Instructor Certificate with the following ratings:



All Military Branches

We can provide assistance on Mil Comp apps from all branches! Contact us to find out which certs and ratings can be added to your resume!


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