UPT Graduate - Commercial Cert Instructions

1. Gather Paperwork

To fill out IACRA you will need:

1. IACRA Login

2. Date of Last Flight Physical

3. Date of Graduation

2. Complete IACRA


Below you can find step by step instructions. 

3. Schedule Appointment

Contact us and schedule your appointment. 

4. Bring These Documents

1. Military ID

2. FTN Number (from IACRA)

3. IACRA Login & Password - written down

4. Individual Data Summary - from HARM

5. Memorandum for FAA Flight Standards District Office (from Sq/CC or DO)

6. Knowledge Test Certificate

7. Cash, Check, or USAA transfer (see fees)

NOTICE! We can now process your Commercial Certificate via Skype, Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger Video! So if you don't have time between UPT Graduation and your next training, we can still finish your application!

(This is also very helpful if you are going to an airframe that could earn you a type-rating. To see if your airframe has a type rating, you can check here. If you wait until after your follow-on training, you can process everything at once.)

IACRA Instructions:

Schedule Your Appointment!