UPT Instructor - Commercial Cert Instructions

1. Gather Paperwork

To fill out IACRA you will need:

1. IACRA Login

2. Date of Last Flight Physical

3. Date of UPT Graduation

2. Complete IACRA


Below you can find step by step instructions. 

3. Schedule Appointment

Contact us and schedule your appointment. 

4. Bring These Documents

1. Military ID

2. FTN Number (from IACRA)

3. IACRA Login & Password - written down

4. Individual Data Summary - from HARM

5. Memorandum for FAA Flight Standards District Office (from UPT Sq/CC or DO) 

    5b.  Or: all Form 8s

6. Knowledge Test Certificate

7. Cash, Check, or USAA Transfer (see fees)

NOTE! If you do not have your Memo from UPT, you will need to bring Form 8s from each of your aircraft flown. You will only get credit for aircraft identified on your Form 8s. Therefore, if you currently fly T-1s, you will not get T-6 single engine credit. 

IACRA Instructions

REMEMBER! If you do not have your Memorandum from UPT, you MUST bring your Form 8s from all aircraft flown. 

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